We aim to use design & tech wisely, for the common good.


Monolith was founded in 2011 with a primary objective that continues to hold true: to offer a full range of web development, design and marketing communication services to companies from various industries. We create ideas and experiences that improve people's lives by combining creativity, craft, and technology. We prioritize creativity and understanding in everything we do. To create brands that cannot be overlooked, boost productivity and create scalable futures.

The name Monolith originates from the mysterious black monolith that appears in the cult science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick in 1968. Like the extraterrestrial monolith, introducing a higher level of consciousness has allowed the human species to evolve and explore the universe, our goal- although more modest- is on the same wavelength.

We always attempt to promote social & cultural firms, creative brands, and environmentally responsible products through our digital approach and design prowess, in order to inspire consumers to make informed decisions about supporting sustainable products and services. Our ultimate goal is to show that the power of advertising and information technology can be sensibly harnessed for the benefit of all.

Meet the team behind all the Monolith magic

Guillaume Germain


Matt Beach

Creative Director

Francis Champagne

Front-End Developer

Jasen Loughlin

Video Producer

Stéphane Audit

Chief Technology Officer

Natasha Witwicki

Project Manager

Benjamin Pouliot

Account Manager

Lounès Ziani



Office pet

We internally cover a wide range of services to meet your needs.

We are a multidisciplinary team with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We use a collaborative and iterative process to push our work to its boundaries. While we frequently work with new technology, our process is always based on a blend of traditional and contemporary design principles.

We ensure that the work is conceptually sound, aligned with the challenge at hand, and is successful across all platforms by working closely with our clients, partners and collaborators every step of the way. We give internal teams the foundations and resources they need to keep a consistent design system that can evolve as their brands and platforms change.

While our creative approach is always custom-tailored, it frequently contains a distinct sense of play, with the intention of combining fun and practicality. We believe that an effective brand can only be created on the basis of a compelling brand story, hence our strategic and creative approach.

We've worked with some pretty amazing people.