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About Us

Monolith® was founded in 2011 by two creative entrepreneurs from Montreal, Félix Major and Guillaume Germain. The objective of the agency is to offer a full range of services in web development and marketing communication to companies from various industries, mainly in the food, fashion and sports sectors.

The agency acts as a one-stop shop for its customers, bringing together under one roof a diversified range of professional services. We have a strong interest and a specialty for businesses operating in the fashion, healthy food, lifestyle, sports, technology, e-Commerce and retail industries.

A strong corporate culture, passion to sell, captivating projects, raw talent, imagination without borders, increased autonomy, attention to detail and a sense of curiosity are the foundations of our agency. We are constantly working to develop a corporate culture and an exceptional working atmosphere.

Our Mission

  1. Design, implement, and communicate innovative and impactful web projects.
  2. Monitor and promote the brand image of our partners in web marketing with audiences and content creation on social media.
  3. Offer our clients a high level of consulting services in order to plan, deliver and maintain powerful e- commerce platforms using the latest technology.
  4. Develop and communicate effective creative advertising campaigns to generate a strong brand, a reactive social engagement and a return on investment .
  5. Define and develop innovative strategic positions that take into account current and future issues related to new technologies , competition , consumer demands and market specificities.

Where does the name MONOLITH come from?

The name of our company derives its origins from the mysterious black Monolith that appears in the science fiction cult movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick in 1968. Like the extraterrestrial Monolith, introducing a level of consciousness which has enabled the human species to evolve and explore the universe, our objective, although more modest, is in the same interest.

Through our digital marketing strategies and marketing talents, we continually strive to promote social economy businesses, innovative brands and eco-responsible products to encourage consumers to make informed choices about sustainable products and services of the environment. The ultimate goal of this approach is to demonstrate that the power of advertising and information technology can be used wisely for the common good. In our own way, we are helping to propel humanity towards a greener future, later bequeathed to future generations.

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