your creative box

Our creative experts understand your challenges. They will analyze your entire environment to offer marketing services that align with the goals and values ​​of your company. We will manage all of your advertising efforts while you enjoy the extent of our expertise grouped under one roof. We will spread your brand. You will get the best return on investment guaranteed.


Web Design

We offer complete design of user interfaces & experiences (UI & UX) in an intuitive way that reflects your corporate identity and ethos. From architecture of navigation, features, animations and mind blowing effects to call to actions, ergonomics, textures and choice of fonts, we think about everything so you get the platform you want while your customers get the platform they need. 


Total mastery of the web programming languages​​ enable our developers to provide you with custom websites tailored to your business needs. Daily programming and integration of web content is routine here at Monolith and our driven artists of the code rattle on the keyboard all day long (with some punctual help of our delicious home ground coffee).

Reliable Hosting

We offer complete turnkey hosting services for your web platforms. Maintenance, updates and data backups included. Our linux infrastructure is robust, reliable, fast and safe. Enjoy the full package and the absence of worries.

Mobile websites & Apps

We create fully functional mobile websites and original applications. With the utmost attention to ergonomic details, user interface, information layout and visitor experience, the websites we design fit the format of the screen on which it is viewed. This is the key principle of your responsive web design.

Apple iOS Apps

When it comes to your apps, we ensure programming, design, deployment and maintenance of  iOS applications for iPhone, iPad & iPod. Look no further than Monolith, as we are a registered Apple developers and ready to work alongside you to create the App you’ve always envisaged. Let’s make that App happen!

Android Apps

Worried about your apps on the Android marketplace? Don’t. We also offer  complete programming, design, deployment of Android applications and maintenance services as well as cross compatibility testing on multiple devices and several OS versions. With an ever-increasing share in the mobile market, it’s important for us to pioneer ideas that will increase your business volume.


We love newsletters! As their marketing potential grew more and more through the years, we became specialists in the design of tailored newsletter templates to fit your specific needs and corporate image. We also offer HTML programming that is compatible across all browsers and suitable for playback on mobile phones. Analysis is available with open access to statistics, clicks and detailed consultations. No-hassle transition as we transfer your client e-mail database to our management system as well as automatically add new subscribers through an updated subscription form of your organization. Worry no more.


Don’t ever be scared of selling online, as we have developed and managed complete POS solutions and implementation of inventory management systems. We also created trading platforms for the online sale of products and consumer goods as well as developed shipping and marketing solutions for your online business. Worry no more. Start selling now!

Social Networks

It seems like every week we are opening a new social account, driving new traffic and acquiring new leads through social media. We strategize and manage the lives of your social presence from birth to complete maturity. We design the appearance of the pages across different networks to optimize appeal. Creation and management of advertising, statistics, niche market targeting, strategies, and viral marketing campaigns for businesses are all included.


Creation & ideation

We create concepts and develop innovative ideas for a marketing and advertising that will captivate your target audience and meet your objectives for return on investment. As it is our core business, you’ll enjoy a complete panel of ideas and concepts fitting your business context.

Graphic Design & Illustration

We specialize in advertising design, graphic design, and creative graphic style for varied mandates applications. Let your brand outshine your competition through our fine Monolith artistery and creativity.

Professional Photography

We adore organizing your photoshoots for projects and taking care of its artistic direction. We ensure constant services of photoshop retouching, logistics shooting, in studio or on location; in Quebec and abroad.


We maintain a flaming passion for product design, labeling and packaging (boxes) for the sector micro-breweries, wineries, cider, mead and other alcohols and fine products of the soil.


Branding is the core of our trade here at Monolith, from research and positioning strategy, graphic variants, logos and corporate signatures to color selection, design slogans and Graphic Standards Guide including a graphic chart applied to all digital and print media.

Print Media

At the heart of its activities, Monolith is profoundly defined by a 360 degrees strategic thinking. We support your initiative with the design of promotional booths, press releases, professional business cards, promotional flyers, catalogs of products and services, magazines, white papers, annual reports, brochures, client folders, and much more. 



Comprehensive analysis of objectives, issues and needs of your business is our business. Through understanding of your industry, competitors, target audience and your overall offer, we define an outspoken, clear proposal as well as realistic recommendations leading to concrete actions. We also give you a clear idea of these recommendations costs, priority and potential ROI value, while continuously monitoring the implementation of the strategies adopted.


Our creative experts understand your challenges. They will analyze your entire environment to offer marketing services that align with the goals and values ​​of your company. Our services include the creation of the brand identity of your company, developing communication plans, marketing and launching. Enjoy the scope of our  multiple expertises joined under one roof as well as a sensible upgrade of your brand. Let us recommend the best tactics concerning ROI optimization.

Media Placement

We manage media investment and advertising campaigns on the interactive and print market. You want to promote your business on the web? No problem, as our strategist will present you the cross channel proposition that fits your ambitions and budget. We know media placement. Why you’ll ask? Because we are at both ends of the spectrum. While managing media on multiple platforms, we own several sites, blogs and popular web magazines, all centralized by a powerful ad server. Roll your campaigns on our network for optimal visibility and reach your target audience. Visit our media kit and advertise on our network now!

The Contest Box

We provide a suite of Facebook contests optimized for the French and English. 100% white label solutions, the contest boxes sport your business colors, are easy to deploy and will preserve the brand image of your product and company. The mission of the Box Contest? To help acquire leads of quality quickly on social networks while growing your e-mail database for mailings of the greatest value on investment. 

PPC and Web Marketing

We manage your web marketing strategy, adopting a conversion oriented mindset from the start. Monolith oversees all spheres of your campaigns, from account structure, to geographic targeting to ad creative design. Our transparency is guaranteed by automatized monthly reports concerning KPIs that are really important to you.


With your collaboration, we manage implementation of ingenious strategies to improve the quality of traffic and increase your rankings on major search engines. We constantly stay on par with the industry’s best practice and ensure your website quality in terms of content, structure and linking profile.

Promotional Clothing

From the start, we always flirted with the creation of promotional clothing and fashion accessories to put your brand forward  and display it efficiently. We design clothes that will not stay in a closet. We believe that clothing with your brand must be worn, have a good cut, quality fabrics. We also believe that high standards in printing and labeling techniques must be used. Screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, engraving and stamping your existing brand image on different media. T-shirt printed, hoodies, shirts, embroidered hats. Name it and you’ll get it!

Communication through objects

Along with promotional clothing, we will provide you with strategic thinking, research and creation of  other unique and relevant promotional items. Pencils? Coffee Cups? Phone cases? We will design products tailored to your corporate needs and event types.

Supply Solutions

We work closely with reputable suppliers of promotional, reliable and experienced partners to provide the overall management, recurring distribution of stocks and inventory control Privately accessible by members of your company, protected by password. Multiple payment methods are available, allowing you to easily renew your promotional stocks.